ALBA's mission is achieved through four pillars of action
Awareness & Advocacy
Data & Resources
Visibility & Recognition
Networking & Mentoring

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ALBA activities @FENS 2024

Discover the events planned by ALBA and partners at the FENS Forum 2024 (25-29 June - Vienna, Austria).

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Allyship for diversity in brain research

Supported by ACNP, these video interviews talk about DEI allyship through the experience of 4 researchers.

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Mentoring fireside chat

Identifying mentorship needs

Online fireside chat series to understand the possible pitfalls in the framework of existing mentoring programmes.

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Breaking Barriers: Inclusivity & Accessibility Tips for Neuroscience

Short videos by the ALBA Disability & Accessibility Working Group providing tips on how to make neuroscience more accessible to researchers with disabilities.

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ALBA-IBRO Podcast Miniseries

Interview-based episodes offering an in-depth look into the topics discussed at the ALBA-IBRO diversity sessions held at international conferences in 2023.

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ALBA Diversity Week 2023

Online festival celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month through webinars that focus on topics linked to diversity such as the gender gap, LGBTQIA+ rights, socio-economic disparities, and more.

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Faculty hires data

Gender differences in faculty advancement

Mapping gender diversity at different positions in neuroscience departments, centres and institutes across the world.

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ALBA Webinar series: Region-specific diversity issues

Understanding the region and culture-specific issues and biases faced by neuroscientists of different demographics, exploring possible context-specific solutions.

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Mentoring circles

Thematic discussions on career development skills and resources, diversity and inclusion, networking with other researchers in a relaxed, informal and fun atmosphere.

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ALBA Guidelines & Best Practices

Recommendations by ALBA members with actionable insights on how to meaningfully increase diversity and inclusivity at various scientific settings.

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Advocacy training

Advocacy training

Empowering ALBA membership to be more effective and responsible advocates and allies for equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Ableism webinars

ALBA Webinar series: Breaking down the ivory tower

Shining a spotlight on the research of scientists with disabilities across countries and neuroscience disciplines.

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ALBA Diversity Podcast

Deep dive into the professional paths and backgrounds of neuroscientists across different career stages and at the intersection of multiple identities.

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Editorials, opinion pieces, white papers and calls to action by members of the ALBA Network

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Other webinars

ALBA Webinars: Expanding definitions of diversity

Amplifying diverse voices to cover additional grounds of systemic and invisible forms of bias and discrimination. 

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ALBA Wishing Tree

Embracing and celebrating diversity with the neuroscience community

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ALBA interview series: Diversity in brain sciences

Highlighting stories and career trajectories of diverse profiles of scientists explaining their research interests and experiences with overcoming invisible barriers to success.

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ALBA activities @FENS 2022

All of the ALBA Network activities planned at the FENS Forum 2022 (9-13 July - Paris, France) at a glance.

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ALBA Events @FRM2021

Discover the events organised by ALBA at the Virtual FENS Regional Meeting 2021

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ALBA activities @FENS 2020

Discover all of the events organised by ALBA at the FENS 2020 Virtual Forum

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ALBA Activities @ECNP2020

Watch all recorded panel discussions organised by ALBA at the ECNP 2020 Virtual Congress.

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Discover the ALBA Impact Report

ALBA warmly invites its members, partners, allies and advocates for equity, diversity & inclusion to read our impact report and discover the activities we organised and the outcomes and impact we achieved together!