ALBA Guidelines & Best Practices

  • Designing inclusive forms for gender and sexual diversity

    The ALBA Gender & Sexual Diversity working group has created recommendations that can help committees and institutions make informed decisions while gathering demographic information on LGBTQIA+ individuals, with the aim of more inclusively and accurately capturing these individuals. The guidelines are applicable to any setting in which such identities are surveyed, and we encourage its use for conference registration forms, HR surveys and demographic surveys for human participants in research projects. Read more

  • Submitting nominations to The Brain Prize

    ALBA has developed guidelines that provide tips for submitting nominations to The Brain Prize, the world's largest brain research prize and awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation. ALBA strongly encourages scientific prize nominations encompassing diversity at all levels, and believes these recommendations may help in the preparation of strong nominations tailored to the specific goals of this Prize. Read more

  • Organising diverse and inclusive conferences

    Conferences are spaces that promote visibility and provide networking opportunities, career benefits that allow scientists, particularly students and early career researchers, to grow in the field with diverse role models. ALBA has created a guideline for conference organisers and invited speakers on how to meaningfully increase diversity at conferences and reduce barriers to conference attendance. Read more