Get involved

Here is a list of actions that you can take to help us increase diversity and ensure equity


Become a member

Register as an ALBA Network member (it's free!). You can engage with the ALBA Team at the General Assembly and drive initiatives as an ALBA Volunteer.


Sign the Declaration

Show your support and commitment, as an individual or organisation, to recognising and countering implicit bias, and promoting an inclusive workplace culture in brain research. 


Share resources

Send ALBA interesting and useful data, best practices and policy initiatives on a range of diversity issues in brain sciences for our resource database.


Host an event

Host an ALBA diversity & inclusion session at your meeting or in your institution (send us an email detailing your event). 


Become a volunteer

As an ALBA member, contribute to the organisation of specific activities by volunteering with ALBA’s working groups.


Engage with us

Follow and tag ALBA on social media when you post content relevant to our cause.