ALBA Activities @ECNP2020

ALBA had a virtual booth at the ECNP 2020 Virtual Congress (12-15 September). Watch the recording of the ALBA panel discussions held at the booth.

An Introduction to the ALBA Network

Prof Carmen Sandi (EPFL, Switzerland), Chair of the ALBA Network, introduces ALBA's goals, activities, leadership and partners.

Working in research and academia in times of COVID-19

In this panel discussion, the ALBA Ambassadors share their thoughts and experience about working in research and academia in times of COVID-19, more specially on the impact that the pandemic has on women and underrepresented groups in brain research.

The following aspects of the impact of the pandemic on brain research were covered: 

  • Working from home and childcare
  • Effects on wet labs & dry labs
  • Lab management online - maintaining team cohesion & inclusion


  • Prof. Carmen Sandi, EPFL, CH - Chair of the ALBA Network
  • Prof. Diane Lipscombe, Brown University, US
  • Prof. Elisabeth Binder, Max-Planck Institute of Psychiatry, DE
  • Prof. Elaine Del Bel, FORP - University of SaoPaolo, BR

Read ALBA's resource article on the impact of COVID-19 on women & minorities in science.

Promoting diversity and global collaboration in brain research

In this panel discussion, Dr Jacque Ip (Chinese University of Hong Kong) & Dr. Srikanth Ramaswamy (EPFL, Switzerland) share their thoughts and experience about how to promote diversity and global collaboration to facilitate brain research?

The panel discussions organised by ALBA at the ECNP 2020 can also be watched on the ALBA YouTube channel.

The ALBA Team members present at ECNP2020