Gender differences in faculty advancement

Tracking gender of neuroscience faculty hires in Switzerland

Data regarding diversity in academia around the world is extremely scarce, especially within leadership positions. Little to no actions and denial of a problem in some countries leads to a growing false narrative that it is increasingly difficult to find a faculty position as a ‘man’, when in fact the reality seems to be quite the opposite. This underlines the importance of having data in order to make evidence-based recommendations for actions, policies and best practices that could be implemented to reverse the current trend.

In a pilot project, a local task force has collected data on the gender of neuroscience faculty hires in the last 5 years in Switzerland, trying to make a distinction between tenure track and non tenure track wherever possible. The aim is to establish a baseline situation in relation to gender equality in recruitment and career progression, against which future progress can be monitored. The aggregated crowdsourced datasets are publicly available. 

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