Advocacy training

Online DEI advocacy training workshops are organised annually for ALBA members with the goals of building self-awareness, identifying one's own blindspots and biases, and learning practical communication skills to address existing inequities in brain sciences. Each training includes a handout of resources to workshop participants. Stay tuned for the next workshop in 2024!

Racial Broaching

By Dr Sherilynn J Black, Duke University, USA

19 January 2022

  • Effective communication strategies to hold difficult conversations about race at the workplace and build capacity as a culturally aware leader
  • Understanding of different broaching styles and how to incorporate contextual factors into dialogues
  • Considerations for how cognitive biases can impact the ability to communicate on challenging topics

Active Bystander Training

By Active Bystander Training Company, UK 

8 February 2023

  • Challenging inappropriate behaviours which may have become normalised over time and fostering a workplace free from all forms of bullying and harassment.
  • Overcoming fear and paralysis in challenging situations.
  • Using the right words and expressions when challenging behaviours.
  • How to tackle ‘micro-inequities’, including eye-rolling, sighing, constant interruptions and unconscious bias.