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ALBA is launching a webinar series focusing on region-specific issues linked to diversity and faced by underrepresented groups in brain research around the world.

Diversity and inequity have a different meaning depending on a region or country's culture and history. With this series, the ALBA Network wishes to picture a truly diverse and global view on issues faced by underrepresented neuroscientists; but also to discuss possible solutions to these challenges, which would be relevant to particular regions of the world by taking into account their specificity.

This webinar is the first of the Central Asia series.

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ALBA Network Session on Bias in Indian STEM

Saturday 10th April 1:00-3:00 pm CET / 4:30-6:30 pm IST

ALBA is organizing a special event on ‘Bias in Indian STEM’ at the online conference NeuroFemIndia 2021.

Prof Shubha Tole (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), ALBA Advisor, will be moderating and leading the discussion on biases in Indian STEM academia. The panel will discuss the main biases that women and minorities in India face as they navigate the academic system.


bittuProf. Bittu Rajaraman (Ashoka University) - Bittu is an Associate Professor of Biology and Psychology. He advocates for diversity and inclusion in STEM



farahDr. Farah Ishtiaq (Tata Institute for Genetics and Society) - Farah is an Evolutionary Ecologist. She advocates against ageism in Science.




graceGrace Banu (Project Mukti) - Grace is the first Indian Engineer who is Transgender. She is a Transgender and Caste activist.




shambhaviDr Shambhavi Naik (Takshashila institution; Cloudkrate) - Shambhavi is a Technology and Policy programme specialist. She is the founder and CEO of Cloudkrate.




This event is part of the NeuroFemIndia Online Conference 2021. To access it, please register to the conference here.

Poster ALBA Event at NeurofemIndia

NeuroFemIndia online conference 2021

The ALBA Network is a proud sponsor of NeuroFemIndia 2021 (9-13 April 2021).

Indian Neuroscience suffers from a lack of women voices and representation. NeuroFemIndia 2021 aims to showcase the work and increase the visibility of Indian women neuroscientists.

Listen to talks by women neuroscientists – including early and middle career scientists along with field leaders and Indian-origin scientists working outside India.

Find the NeuroFemIndia Conference 2021 full programme and registration information here.