Find data on gender issues or discrimination in brain research and best practices on how to avoid them; but also stories of people who are contributing to the ALBA cause

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Do I have to act like a man to succeed in science?

Posted on 28/04/2021 in Success Stories

On the occasion of the Gender and Science Meet 2021, the Alba Network and the Heidelberg Pain Consortium partnered to organise an online mentoring workshop.

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a women holding a paper with "#METOO# writed on

Harassment in STEM - #MeTooSTEM

Posted on 15/04/2021 in Data

Despite the #MeToo movement, sexual misconduct and harassment are still widespread issues in academia, and talking about them remains taboo. On the occasion of Sexual Assault Awareness Month #SAAM, ALBA gathered relevant resources on the subject.

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29 importants scientists 5e Congrès Solvay in 1927 - Black in White picture Auguste Piccard, Émile Henriot, Paul Ehrenfest, Édouard Herzen, Théophile de Donder, Erwin Schrödinger, JE Verschaffelt, Wolfgang Pauli, Werner Heisenberg, Ralph Fowler, Léon Brillouin, Peter Debye, Martin Knudsen, William Lawrence Bragg, Hendrik Anthony Kramers, Paul Dirac, Arthur Compton, Louis de Broglie, Max Born, Niels Bohr, Irving Langmuir, Max Planck, Marie Curie, Hendrik Lorentz, Albert Einstein, Paul Langevin, Charles-re -

Women in STEM History

Posted on 4/03/2021 in Success Stories

History consistently erased the contribution of women to important scientific discoveries. ALBA collected resources on women in history, highlighting projects promoting the scientific work of women.

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