Meet the ALBA Ambassadors 1 @FENS 2020

FENS 2020 Virtual Open Theatre

British Summer Time


Come meet the scientists behind the ALBA Network initiatives and discuss questions related to diversity in brain research.
They will talk about issues such as the imposter syndrome: "I love science but I don't feel like I belong" or "How and when to say 'No' to requests for extra services from senior colleagues, chairs and deans".

Your active participation and suggestions on other topics during the session are welcome!

During this live interactive zoom-like session, you will meet:

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Brown University
United States
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Heidelberg University
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University Medical Center Utrecht
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YIBRO representative
McGill University

Dr Anna Beyeler will also give a talk in the Open Theatre on“Gender in neuroscience: European specific challenges and solutions”.

on Monday 13 July at 11:00 AM BST.

After reviewing international data on gender biases in authorships of neuroscientific publications, Dr Beyeler (ALBA Ambassador - University of Bordeaux, France) will present European data from the “She Figures” report on research in academia and industry. She will then list direct solutions that can be applied to improve diversity in Neuroscience in terms of gender, socio-economic status, country of origin, or any trait perceived as differences. You can ask questions about this talk to Dr. Beyeler during the live "Meet ALBA Ambassadors" session.

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