ALBA-IBRO Workshop on allyship @FENS24

FENS Forum 2024, Vienna - Austria

SiE10 (Special Interest Event) in Roundtable Hall.

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Diversity & inclusion allyship at scientific conferences

In an era of global research collaboration, meetings and conferences are important platforms where major - sometimes career-altering - connections and interactions are taking place. Fostering diversity and inclusivity within these public forums is therefore critical to ultimately cultivate more supportive workplaces.

This workshop, led by a training expert, is a unique opportunity for all FENS Forum attendees to build self-awareness, acquire tools to identify blind spots, and learn practical skills to address inequities in the brain sciences.

In public forums, we are often unaware of problematic behaviours or hesitant to confront disruptive conduct such as sexism, racism, bullying, and harassment. The session will provide a safe space for participants to recognise their own biases and gain the confidence and knowledge needed to challenge inappropriate behaviours, when required.

Through the exploration of intervention strategies, participants will develop the skills to instigate positive changes, become better allies and play a proactive role in cultivating inclusive and supportive environments for all conference attendees.

Lunch boxes will be offered to participants at the end of the session.

Agnes Uhereczky

This workshop will be led by Agnes Uhereczky (she/her) - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion expert at the VIB - the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology, Belgium.

I am a passionate believer that we can always find ways to create more inclusive, more diverse and safer workplaces, and also improving the employee experience and wellbeing. I love finding out about the latest research studies, trends and foresights, and by applying a creative change-management approach, support organisations achieve the next level of their potential.

Agnes is an engaging trainer, and has designed and delivered trainings and workshop on a number of DE&I related topics such as Inclusive Leadership, Active Bystander approach, tackling bias and work-life balance.
Her publications include the book ’One Life - How the most forward-looking organisations leverage work-life integration to attract talent and foster employee wellbeing’ published in 2018.
She also writes pieces about leadership, employment, work-life balance and employee wellbeing for Forbes Europe. 

Agnes Uhereczky


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