Testimonials of ALBA FKNE YIBRO diversity grants awardees

       These quotes were selected from motivational statements submitted during the call for applications

“Throughout my college extracurricular experience, I have realized that one of the most open collaborative network frames for neuroscience is FENS. This congress will play a host to numerous lectures and special interest events. With this grant, I will be given a special opportunity to access lectures from the leading scientists in their fields, and a final confirmation of FENS´s true openness and acceptance.”

Adnan Mujanović, MSc student (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“These grants provide an opportunity for young scientists from developing countries to connect with the advanced scientific community in the world. This would be an ideal platform to communicate, learn and share research experience. Moreover, I foresee to make use of this opportunity to establish scientific relationships between Sri Lanka and other emerging and developed countries for joint innovative research, linking East and West.”

Lakmal Gonawala, PhD student (Sri Lanka)

"As a PhD student from a third world country, this would be a great opportunity for me to attend my very first FENS conference.  My attendance will grant me a platform to learn new discoveries in neuroscience, relevant techniques to my area of specialty,  great connections with other scientists and laboratories. Also, I believe the grant will bridge the gap, thus bringing the knowledge to my doorstep with a high positive impact on my PhD research."

Foluso Atiba, PhD student (Nigeria)

“This meeting will allow me to update scientific knowledge and advance neuroscience research in my country. This can also be an opportunity to exchange with colleagues, to create a network of researchers. Through a return of experience after the Forum, I also intend to arouse enthusiasm for neuroscience studies among our young students. The objective is to develop neuroscience research teams within our institution."

Fatoumata Ba, PhD student (Senegal)

“For me, this grant is an opportunity to attend the largest scientific event in Europe in a field of neuroscience in 2020. It will allow staying informed about the latest neuroscience developments. In these tough times, it is an opportunity to stay in touch with the scientific community and find the collaborators for future projects.”

Dr. Oksana Zinchenko, Research Fellow (Russian Federation)

“After finding myself in neuroscience during my bachelor's, I soon got to know FENS and realized its relevance to neuroscience. Since then, my biggest wish was to participate in a global FENS event. However, because I live in another continent, I saw my desire to become a distant dream. This opportunity to apply for a diversity grant turned my dream into a possible and close reality.”

Benedito Oliveira Júnior, MSc student (Brazil)

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