Declaration action point: Use consistent evaluation criteria

Posted on 23/06/2022


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Use consistent, well-defined evaluation criteria

We are all biased. What can we do? The ALBA Declaration on Equity & Inclusion advises to implement unbiased selection, hiring, and assessment, by using consistent, well-defined evaluation criteria. This article provides useful tips & resources on best practices about evaluation criteria.


Judgements are often made on candidates, promotions, grants, etc. – consciously or unconsciously – with the gender or other identity features as fundamental considerations. Humans are said to make subjective decisions on whether they like or dislike someone on both tangible and intangible characteristics within the first few seconds of contact. People hold biases – even unwillingly – that affect their decisions, and can emphasize certain credentials that are reflective of bias. An applicant assessed by impartial criteria, is more likely to have an objective evaluation.

Suggested actions

  • Commit to hiring / evaluation criteria before reviewing candidates
  • List requirements and experience desired as generally as possible.

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