Declaration action point: Broadening career paths

Posted on 23/06/2022


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Consider broadening career paths to provide opportunities beyond PI role

An inclusive workplace culture is a healthy environment for all. To establish an inclusive workplace and transparent career structures, the ALBA Declaration on Equity & Inclusion advises to consider broadening career paths to provide opportunities beyond Principal Investigator role. This article provides useful tips & resources on best practices about providing career advice and opportunities.


Universities and research institutes have had rigid circuits in place defining the typical directions and timeframes for ascending the scholarly path. In order to attract more women and underrepresented groups into neuroscience and other STEM research, it could benefit institutions to think outside of the box and create alternative career tracks that add value. Tenure track positions could possibly be reenvisaged to reward teaching excellence, allyship and committee work. Several academic but non-tenure-track positions could be offered including long-lived roles in library affairs, research administration, diversity and inclusion work, student affairs, academic affairs, institutional research and assessment, and campus relationship building.

Suggested actions

  • Consider a variety of career tracks that will appeal to targeted groups.
  • Integrate these new pathways as valued alternatives and reward them accordingly.


Examples of best practices:

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