Declaration action point: Allow for flexible hours

Posted on 23/06/2022


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Allow for flexible hours and teleworking where possible

An inclusive workplace culture is a healthy environment for all. To establish an inclusive workplace and promote healthy work-life balance, the ALBA Declaration on Equity & Inclusion advises to allow for flexible hours and teleworking where possible. This article provides useful tips & resources on best practices about setting working rules.


Due to proportionally higher demands on women’s home and professional time allocations - if they balance family and career, flexible scheduling places control into the hands of the female academic. Often women must work around family members’s demands and thus can benefit greatly from being able to work on a self-determined basis when it is necessary.

Scientists with disabilities might also need or prefer working from home.

Suggested actions

  • Allow women, disabled people and minorities to set their own hours or work from home if necessary
  • Provide IT support to make it feasible.


Examples of best practices:

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