ALBA-WWN-IBRO ECC Workshop on Impostor Phenomenon @FENS24

FENS Forum 2024, Vienna - Austria

NE19 (Networking event) in Roundtable Hall.

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Overcoming impostor phenomenon

The event is a partnership between the ALBA Network, IBRO Early Career Committee and World Women in Neuroscience (WWN). Through insightful discussions, participants will learn how a better understanding of the systemic aspects of impostor phenomenon can help deconstruct it. 

The session will start with two testimonials and presentations on different dimensions of the impostor phenomenon, on how it can affect anyone, and on strategies to overcome it. This will be followed by focused discussions on various aspects of the impostor phenomenon in round tables. Each table will be facilitated by a lived experience expert (members of ALBA, IBRO ECC or WWN) and participants will rotate through at least two tables to get different perspectives. 
Drinks and snacks will be served. 

Draft programme 
18:45-18:50: Registration & Welcome
18:50-19:00: presentation #1 
19:00-19:10: presentation #2 
19:10-19:30: Round tables session 1 
19:35-19:55: Round tables session 2 
19:55-20:15: Feedback & Conclusions 

Chairs, Speakers & Facilitators

Martha I. Dávila-García - Howard University College of Medicine, United States (Co-chair / Member of World Women in Neuroscience)
Emma Yhnell - Cardiff University, United Kingdom (Co-chair / ALBA Board of Directors)
Shubha Tole - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), India (Speaker/ ALBA Board of Directors)
Stamatina Tzanoulinou - University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Speaker/ ALBA Ambassador)
Pamela Butler - The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, United States (Member of World Women in Neuroscience)
Anastasia (Natascha) Diamantopoulou - Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany (ALBA Ambassador)
Emmeline Edwards - National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), United States (ALBA Advisor / Co-chair of World Women in Neuroscience)
Jacque Ip - The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (ALBA Ambassador / Member of IBRO ECC)
Oritoke Okeowo  - Federal University of Technology, Akure , Nigeria (Member of World Women in Neuroscience)
Srikanth Ramaswamy - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom (ALBA Board of Directors / Chair of IBRO ECC)

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