ALBA session @ECNP 2024

ENCP Congress 2024, Milan, Italy

Room 6, Allianz MiCo, Milan

IN06 ALBA Diversity & Inclusion Session

Virtual & In-person
Times are CEST


Mental health and neurodivergence in academia: overcoming the obstacles

Academia has undergone substantial changes over the last decade, with universities becoming more business-like. This has resulted in a higher demand for results, increased job insecurity and a lack of work-life balance, with academics experiencing higher stress than the wider population. A landmark survey published in 2018 found that 41% PhD students reported moderate to severe anxiety, and 39% reported moderate to severe depression. These levels are six times higher than in the general population, revealing that academia is in the grips of a mental health crisis. Additionally, ~15% students identify as neurodiverse, which comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities when working in research. This session, run by the ALBA Network Disability & Accessibility working group, aims to raise awareness and encourage open discussion on mental health and neurodiversity in the academic setting, as well as explore ideas on how to improve the current situation.


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