ALBA NetworkTowards diversity and equity in Brain Sciences


The ALBA Declaration on Equity and Inclusion is a resource for concrete, positive, evidence-based actions that individuals and organizations at any level can take to promote equity and inclusivity.

767 individuals & 224 organisations have already endorsed it.


ANS Indigenous Travel award

Deadline: 31 July. The Australasian Neuroscience Society (ANS) offers travel awards for Aboriginal ,Torres Strait Islander and Māori students and researchers, to attend the 2024 annual meeting in Perth (Dec 2-4).

Trans scientists call for recognition and support

Landmark commentary published in a sex- and gender-focused issue of Cell highlighting the legal and material challenges that hinder trans people's educational attainment and productive research careers.

Neurotorium Clinical Education Grants

Deadline: 4 September. Apply for up to 100,000 DKK, for up to 3 years for projects that aim to strengthen clinical competencies within the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.