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ALBA gathered useful recommendations & resources (websites, videos, articles, grant calls etc.) linked to diversity issues, in support of underrepresented groups in brain sciences.


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  • Lists & Repositories
    In Brain Sciences
    • NEURONEXXT: Network for Women in Neuroscience - NEURONEXXT is a platform for female neuroscientists, initiated by the Collaborative Research Centre 874 (SFB 874) and funded by the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
    • Anneslist -  List of female systems neuroscientist categorised by their speciality 
    • Women in Neuroscience repository - WinRepo is a repository of Women in Neuroscience for conferences, symposia or collaborations
    • Stories of WIN - This project highlight the stories of Women Neuroscientists at different career stages and from diverse background and subfields
    • Women in Comp Neuro - Women (broadly defined) in Computational Neuroscience (broadly defined)
    In STEM
    • Women Plus in Biophysics - List of woman researchers in Biophysics from all over the world by their position, research topic or name of the country where they are based. Created by the NCCR, TransCure , together with Sharona Gordon (Washington University)
    • AcademiaNet - Profiles of Leading Women Scientists
    • WILS - Database of women in science by EMBO
    • 500 Queer Scientists - Visibility campaign for LGBTQ+ people and their allies working in STEM
    • Womeninbiology Speaker List - Giving more women a voice at scientific conferences and in the media, specifically on topics related to biomedical and biological research
    • WiML - Directory of Women in Machine Learning 
    • /femconsult - Database of German-speaking female scientists created by GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences
    • Women of MARVEL (CH) - Interview of Women researcher at NCCR Marvel institute  as role models
    • "23 Black Female Scientists Who Changed The Damn World" (Buzzfeed) - Listing of 23 Black Female Scientists and their world-changing achievement 
    • Gage - 500 Women Scientists' directory of women and gender diverse experts in STEMM
    • Les Expertes (FR) - Repository of French-speaking woman with expertise in various fields
  • Organizations
    In Brain Sciences
    • Spark Society - Organization aiming to give scientists of color the tools to become innovators in the cognitive sciences
    • Womxn in Neuroscience - provide support to womxn* in neuroscience. *Womxn: an inclusive term that encompasses all people who are cis-female, trans-female, non-binary, genderqueer, or female-identifying
    • WICS Europe - Aim to improve the visibility of women in cognitive neuroscience and computational modeling areas by ensuring that they are included on editorial boards and influential committees
    • World Women in Neuroscience - International organization dedicated to promoting the career development of women neuroscientists across the globe
    • Black In Neuro - Celebrating Black excellence in neuroscience related fields
    • Simply Neuroscience - International, student-run, nonprofit organization that empowers students to get involved in the interdisciplinary fields of neuroscience and psychology through education, outreach, and awareness
    • Society of Biological Psychiatry - The SOBP Provide leadership training and peer support to senior women in the field of Biological Psychiatry; Nurture and promote junior women; Contribute to increased diversity and equality within the SOBP
    • Society for Black Brain and Behavioural Scientists - (US) The purpose of this society is to support the development, acclimation, and endeavours of Black scientists who study and/or research the brain, nervous systems, mind, and behaviour, and to promote diversity in the fields of brain and behavioural science
    • AI4ALL - US-based nonprofit dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in AI education, research, development, and policy through education and mentorship.
    In STEM
    • 500 Women Scientists - The mission of 500 Women Scientists is to serve society by making science open, inclusive, accessible and transform society by fighting racism, patriarchy, and oppressive societal norms
    • Africans in STEM - Highlights scientific contributions by Africans in STEM and providing avenues to connect, share ideas and collaborate
    • Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE) - This is an NGO that aims to reduce the gender gap in STEMM & Humanities fields in Denmark
    • Black British in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics - BBSTEM is a non-profit organisation campaigning for balance and representation of Black individuals in STEM
    • European Plaftorm of Women ScientistsThe EPWS is an international non-profit organisation that represents the needs, concerns, interests, and aspirations of more than 12.000 women scientists in Europe and beyond
    • Women In Science (US) - WIS is an Harvard based organization aiming to generate thoughtful conversation about gender and cultural gaps while providing tools and a safe environment to achieve gender equity
    • Women in STEM. Educate - WiS.W is a platform created by young women to Inspire scientific curiosity and open more STEM opportunities to female youth
    • Belgian Woman in Science (BE) -  BeWiSe's main objectives are to support the position of women in science, both in public and private sectors and to improve communication among women in the Belgian and European scientific community
    • DisabledInSTEM - This is a safe space for those with  disabilities or chronic illness and for those who are neurodiverse to seek advice from each other and share resources to help each other succeed.
    • Science in Australia Gender Equity - SAGE’s vision is to improve participation, retention and success of women and other gender minorities and support gender diversity in Australian higher education and research
    • Athena Swan Charter - Encouraging and recognising commitment to advancing gender equality
  • Networking
    In Brain Sciences
    • NEURONEXXT - Provides female neuroscientists from the postdoctoral level onwards with an international platform to draw attention to their research
    • Women in Cognitive Science Canada - Provide professional and networking opportunities for women in cognitive science
    • Women in Neuroscience/Nigeria - Empower Nigerian women and girls through networking events, resources, professional opportunities and awards
    In STEM
    • Global Women Scholars Network - GWSN goal is to increase women in the sciences through generating collaborative research proposals on environmental sustainability, while also creating a supportive network of women scholars by pairing institutions and expertise
    • Three Circles of Alemat - Assist in creating circles of mentoring for women academics and social networks that promote their professional life and boost their personal well-being
    • The European Association for Women in STEM - WiTEC EU form a network of companies, universities, organisations and individual members, with coordinators across Europe
    • Mentorship for Underrepresented STEM Enthusiasts (US) - M.U.S.E. was created to connect underrepresented students to STEM professionals-particularly those who also share underrepresented identities
    • STEAM Program/Professional Woman International Brussels - PWI Brussels offers a programme to support womans' career progression in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts (including Design), and Mathematics
    • Halkes Women Faculty Network (NL) - Facilitates inspiring meetings that bring women researchers and other interested persons together in the University of Radboud 
    • NCCR TransCure (CH) - Interdisciplinary Swiss-wide research network of academic research groups
    • EmpowHer Network (CA) - Ottawa-based network of young women for young women (inclusive)
    • Women in Business (BE) - Brussels based platform for Business woman 
    • WoWo Community (BE) - Promote woman entrepreneur throught local Master class and networking
  • Funding
    • LGBTQ+ STEM Scholarship List - The Kurtlab is curating a list of LGBTQ+ funding opportunities in STEM that includes, but is not limited to, undergraduate scholarships, graduate scholarships, and conference travel funds.
    • 100 PhDs for Africa programme - As part of the EPFL-UM6P’s Excellence in Africa initiative, the EXAF centre has launched the first call for proposals of the ‘100 PhDs for Africa’ programme: Outstanding students.
    • Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Parkinson’s Disease Research - The Michael J. Fox Foundation seeks applications with the potential to increase knowledge about Parkinson’s disease in populations that have been excluded from or underrepresented in research.
    • Fellowship for the Future - 500 Women Scientists has launched a fellowship to recognize and amplify the crucial role of women of color in STEM
    • IBRO-PERC Open Grants - List of Open Grant Application from the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)
    • Lundbeck Foundation Open Calls (DK) - List of open calls for funding relevant biomedical, health, clinical and other sciences in Denmark
    • Global Health Travel Awards - GHTAs bring scientists from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to select Keystone Symposia meetings, where they may participate in discussions on the forefront of science and medicine
    • FD&D Research Enabling Grant for Extenuating Work/Life Circumstances (US) - (Harvard University) REGs are intended to provide financial assistance to eligible faculty facing work/life or personal/family challenges that threaten to impede their academic research and/or their progress
    • AABRS -  Grants guide for Small businesses owned by women in the UK and the US
    • (FMxA) Women for Africa Foundation - The Programme aim to promote African women’s leadership in scientific research and technology transfer and to foster the capacity of the research centres in their home countries
    • Equality Can't Wait Challenge (US) -  Grants will be awarded to organizations or coalitions of organizations with the most compelling proposals to help expand women’s power and influence in the United States by 2030
    • FORGEN/Funding Organisations for Gender (EU) - Community of Practice aimed at Research Funding Organisations throughout the European Research Area, with some international participation
    • Toptal Scholarships for Women - Empowering Future Female Leaders to Change the World
    • GP2-funded training opportunity - GP2 is accepting applications from participants from lower and middle income countries on the Wellcome Genome Campus course: Molecular Neurodegeneration and Therapeutic Approaches that will take place from January 25 to January 29, 2021
  • Awards

    Scientific Awards

    • Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award - Launched by ERA-NET NEURON, this award is targeted at early-career researchers with an annual thematic focus
    • Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience - Granted by the Japan Neuroscience Society, this award honours research in developmental neuroscience at the tissue and cellular levels.
    • Valentin Braitenberg Award for Computational Neuroscience - The Bernstein Network Computational Neurscience award a researcher in neuroscience selected for the impact of their research on the neurosciences with a special emphasis to theoretical studies elucidating the functional implications of brain structures and their neuronal network dynamics. The crucial work should preferentially have been carried out in a European institution.
    • Two New Bridge to Independence Awards - The Simons Foundation Bridge to Independence (BTI) Award programs promote talented early-career scientists by facilitating their transition to research independence and providing grant funding at the start of their professorships.
    • FENS Awards and Awards Directory - FENS launches research awards biennially, and you can find in their directory, recurring awards promoted by donated by other granting agencies
    • SfN Awards - SfN awards span a wide range of achievements, from recognizing the merits of young and promising neuroscientists to honouring those who’ve dedicated their careers to furthering the field.
    • The Brain Prize - The world's largest brain research prize is organized by the Lundbeck Foundation and awards one or more brain researchers who have had a ground-breaking impact on brain research.
    • The Golden Brain Awards - Each year the Minerva Foundation awards a Golden Brain to an investigator at the forefront of research for significant findings of vision and the brain
    • The Gruber Yale Prize in Neurosciences - Honours scientists for major discoveries that have advanced the understanding of the nervous system
    • Kavli Prize - Honour scientists for breakthroughs in astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience 
    • Swartz Prize for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience - The Swartz Foundation, honours an individual whose activities have produced a significant cumulative contribution to theoretical models or computational methods in neuroscience.
    • The Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize - The prize is awarded by the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine for a seminal discovery in neuroscience. 
    • Organization for Human Brain Mapping awards - OHBM recognizes the outstanding contributions of members in the field of human brain imaging.
    • National Academy of Sciences Award Award in the Neurosciences - The NAS in the Neurosciences is awarded every three years to recognize extraordinary contributions to the progress of the neuroscience fields.
    • Karl Spencer Lashley Award - The award is to be made in recognition of work on the integrative neuroscience of behaviour.
    • Eppendorf & Science Prize for NeurobiologyThe Prize acknowledges the increasingly active and important role of neurobiology in advancing our understanding of the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.
    • Henry Grass Rising Stars In Neuroscience Award (US) - The award recognize excellence in neuroscience research by women and PEERs (persons traditionally excluded because of their ethnicity or race) in the United States.
    • ECNP Awards - (EU) List of Awards provided by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP)
    • Patricia Goldman-Rakic Hall of Honor - This posthumous award recognized neuroscientist who pursued career excellence and exhibited dedication to the advancement of women in neuroscience.
    • Nobel prize in Medicine - Nomination and selection of Medicine Laureates
    • The Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine - The award is dedicated to furthering societal progress, enhancing quality of life, and enriching humanity's spiritual civilization.
    • The Breakthrough Prize - Honour important, primarily recent, achievements in the categories of Fundamental Physics, Life Sciences and Mathematics
    • The Kyoto Prize - International award for individuals who have made significant contributions in the fields of science and technology, as well as the arts and philosophy
    • Ben Barres Spotlight Awards - Offer scientists from minoritized groups up to $6,000 each to use to advance their research career.
    • ACNP Honorific Awards (US) - The Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute for Neuroscience at Caltech is awarding graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are actively working to achieve diversity and inclusion at Caltech, and/or the wider community and STEM education
    • AAAS Awards (US) - The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) sponsors a wide range of awards and prizes.
    • FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award - Launched in 2007, the aim of the award is to highlight the major contributions made by female scientists based in one of the FEBS or EMBO member countries and in the life sciences, including medical and agricultural research.
    • LF Scientific Enrichment Prize - This prize by the Lundbeck Foundation celebrates individuals who have taken leadership to embrace and harness diversity to develop creative solutions to complex scientific problems and to enrich scientific environments and culture in the biomedical, health and clinical fields.

    Diversity Awards

    • NIH Diversity Awards (US)  The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is promoting programs to enhance diversity focus on underrepresented groups, individuals with disabilities, from disadvantaged backgrounds, or institutions primarily serving underrepresented groups.
    • LF Diversity Call (DK) - This prize by the Lundbeck Foundation rewards initiatives that harness and promote diversity for the benefit of scientific progress.
    • DANWISE Prize (DK) - The Danish Society For Women In Science (DANWISE) offer a prize for the demonstration of work, activities and initiatives from the individual, department, team or organization which contributes to the advancement of diversity and inclusion in academia or life science industry.
    • Minerva Informatics Equality Award (EU) - The award recognises best practices in Departments or Faculties of European Universities and Research Labs that encourage and support the careers of women in Informatics research and education.
    • EPA Pascal-Boyle Prize (EU) - This prize acknowledges and increases awareness of the outstanding achievements by women in working to improve mental health care in Europe
    • PWN Global/Gender Balanced Leadership Awards - Award network of people accelerating gender-balanced leadership in business and society through professional development and global networking opportunities
  • Podcasts
    • The ALBA Diversity Podcast - The ALBA podcast highlights diverse profiles of neuroscientists, to showcase the grit and determination it takes to overcome hurdles as part of underrepresented groups in brain research. 
    • The Diversity in Research Podcast - A podcast on all things diversity in research and research management.
    • Black in Science - This podcast is centred around sharing the stories of Black men and women working or studying in the sciences. Each episode features a one-on-one interview.
    • Decolonizing Science - The topics decolonizing Science seeks to shed light on are environmental racism, health disparities and discrimination in the medical and research fields.  
    • The Science of Mentorship - If you are a mentor, a mentee, or have a role in mentorship, this podcast is for you.
    • Her Royal Science - The podcast is created to feature individuals from minoritised groups in STEM
    • There's Food in the House: Episode featuring Dr. Lataisia Jones, PhD, first African-American to graduate with a Ph.D from the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Medicine at Florida State University
    • The PhD Podcast - Aim to be a global platform for PhD Students and Early Career Researchers to come together, share experiences, learn and draw inspiration from each other
    • The Duchess of Science - Podcast for people from underrepresented groups in STEM, we want to promote #DiversityandInclusion by helping you navigate your way through academia
    • Going Through it - S2:E1 Tracy and Josie Duffy Rice, President of The Appeal and host of Justice in America, unpack violence and police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how Josie re-evaluated what “making change” meant for her career.
  • Toolkits & E-learning
  • Useful information & initiatives