Get involved

ALBA compiled a non-exhaustive list of actions you can take if you would like to help us increase diversity and ensure equity:

  • Registering as an ALBA Network member (it's free!)
  • Sending ALBA interesting data and best practices on diversity issues in brain sciences
  • Hosting an ALBA event at your meeting or in your institution
  • Becoming a mentor by sharing your experience with the ALBA community
  • Tagging ALBA on social media when you post content relevant to our cause
  • Initiating new projects and activities as ALBA volunteer

Call for ALBA volunteers

ALBA is welcoming all membres of our scientific community who would like to volunteer to organise, support and promote ALBA activities. ALBA's mission is broad and volunteers' actions can range from punctual help on a specific event or project to long-term support to increase ALBA's visibility for example.

If you have an idea about a new ALBA initiative or would like to become an ALBA volunteer, write an email to briefly introducing yourself and explaining how you would like to help.

We are looking forward to receiving your email!