ALBA Elections 2021

The ALBA Network is electing three new members for its Board of Directors.

The ALBA Board of Directors is the governing body of the ALBA Network. It works in close collaboration with the Chair of the Network to guide ALBA in its mission.

With this call for nominations, ALBA aims to increase the diversity of its leadership. Members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

  • Role & Responsibilities

    The ALBA Board of Directors is the governing body of the ALBA Network. It is composed of 12 members, including the Chair, Past Chair and Chair-elect. It works in close collaboration with the Chair of the Network to guide ALBA in its mission.

    Each Director is responsible for an aspect of the ALBA activities such as Awards, Events, Webinars, Mentoring, etc. The coordination of each topic is supported by a working group which is led by the relevant Director. Working groups are composed of ALBA Advisors, Ambassadors and Volunteers (= the ALBA Team). The full list of current ALBA working groups can be found here.

    The ALBA Board of Directors meets at least 4 times a year (mainly through videoconference).

    The members of the Board of Directors are elected for 3 years (renewable). The upcoming term starts in July 2021 and ends in July 2024. 

    The ALBA Chair is selected from the Board of Directors by the core leadership: the Chair, the Past Chair and the Chair-elect. For further details please see election procedure below.

    Please find more information on the ALBA Team and the Network's mission on the about us page.

  • Profile & Criteria

    Criteria of eligibility:

    • Be an ALBA member. If you are not an ALBA member yet, please register here.
    • Work in or hold a position related to brain research


    Desired skills:

    • Experience in non-profit organisation leadership
    • Interest and knowledge in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion issues


    We would like to encourage nominations from members of underrepresented groups in brain research.

  • Election Procedure & Timeline

    All ALBA members are welcome to nominate someone or themselves for a position in the Board of Directors. For the 2021 Elections, there are three slots open.

    After the nomination call has closed, the ALBA Nomination Committee (currently composed of the Chair, the Chair-Elect and 5 ALBA Advisors) will select 6 official candidates among the nominees to run for election. 

    All ALBA members will then be able to vote once for maximum 3 candidates through an online election form. 

    The 3 candidates with the most votes will be elected as new members of the Board of Directors. Should there be a tie, the core leadership (the Chair and Chair-elect) will cast the decisive vote.

    The Chair-elect (to become Chair-elect in July 2021 and Chair in July 2022) will then be selected by the core leadership from the full membership of the Board of Directors (current and new).

    Timeline of Elections 2021

    • 22 March: Launch of the Call for nominations
    • 21 April: Deadline for nominations
    • 10 May: Announcement of 6 official candidates & Launch of the online votes to elect 3 new Directors
    • 24 May: Deadline for votes
    • 7 June: Announcement of the newly elected members of the ALBA Board of Directors
    • End of June: ALBA General Assembly during which the new Directors will take on their new role. Announcement of the new Chair-Elect. All members are welcome to attend!

Call for nominations 2021

In order to self nominate for the position of member of the ALBA Board of Directors, please fill in the online nomination form below.

You can also suggest someone as nominee with the same form. They will receive an automated email encouraging them to register as candidate.

The form will ask for: 

  • a CV
  • a profile picture
  • a letter of support from an internationally known neuroscientist
  • your motivations to join the ALBA Network and to be part of its Leadership
  • your skills related to the position
  • examples of initiatives you would like to start/continue as ALBA Director 
nominate button

Click here to nominate yourself or someone else for the ALBA Board of Directors positions.

Deadline: 21 April 2021 (23:59 CET)

Please contact the ALBA Office at for enquiries or if you encounter technical issues.